The studio offers a wide  range of design services in the field of interiors and architecture.

Interiors – study scopes:

variant I

design of the functional and spatial layout.
We analyze your functional and ergonomic needs and on their basis three concepts
of wall arrangement with the arrangement of furniture and sanitary facilities are created.
We work on the proper layout until we receive your final approval.
The selected functional and spatial layout is presented
 on the projection with the necessary dimensions and descriptions.

variant II

interior design project.
We analyze your preferences and individual needs,
and this is how the desing assumptions are made. On the basis of these assumptions
 and the functional and spatial layout developed in the variant,
an interior design project is created,
presented in the form of photo-realistic 3d visualizations.
If necessary, we make corrections after making common arrangements.
This option does not include design documentation.

variant III

comprehensive interior design project.
This variant includes variant 1- design of a functional and spatial layout,
variant 2- interior design with photo-realistic 3d visualization
 and completed technical documentation of the project
for  subcontractors along with a list off all materials
 and elements of equipment  used in the project.

variant IV

comprehensive interior design project with full
 or limited author’s supervision.

variant V

on-line project.
We have many years of experience in cooperation on line with our clients.
As a part of the project,
we carry out a full comprehensive design process at a distance.
The only difference between project implemented
locally and on-line is the way of
 communication with the investor- personal
meetings are replaced by communication using
the available media (telephone, e-mail, on-line meeting).

architecture – individual house designs:

variant 1

concept project.
The first step of the project is to get to know the investor’s needs and expectations
 and then evaluate the possibilities of a specific location.
We check the provisions of the local land development plan
 or the decisions on building conditions.
We carry out a detailed analysis of the functional layout
 of the future home in terms of your preferences.
This information allows us to design the concept of the body of the building
 and land development.

After presenting the project in the form of a photo-realisctic 3d visualization,
we discuss the comment and improve the project until your final approval.
Then the project is supplemented with plans and elevation drawings necessary
for further work on the construciton project.

variant 2

comprehensive project in the process of multi-stage cooperation.
The concept developed in variant 1 is supplemented with a number
of technical information.
In cooperation with a constructor and designers,
 a construction and executive design is prepared including detailed documentation
and all documents required by low to obtain a building permit.