2t-studio has been specialising in interior architecture since 2000

It is a proprietary studio run by interior architect Anetta Kazimierska,
in which for many years the atmosphere of places frendly to rest, relaxation, work and life has been shaping.
The studio designs residential interiors and public spaces.

The studio creates all elements of the image for comapnies, including interiors, business cards, sings and furniture.
Recently, architect has also been absorbed in architecure where she fulfills the dreams of her clients by designing individual houses.

She claims that for the sake of the project, cooperation with the architect should be based on:
honesty, trust and good relations.
By adhering to this principle, she does not design “everything”. She only undertakes projects that are consistent with her
aesthetics and thus is able to design them as they were supposed to be created “for herself”,
looking for a compromise between her vision and the investor’s intention.

Her projects have been appreciated in many prestigious architectural competitions in Poland, Europe and the US.


Anetta Kazimierska – Interior architect, founder and main desginer at 2t-art&design studio
is a graduate of the Interior Architecture and Design Faculty at Koszalin University of Technology.
For many years she has been combining professional work with academic teaching.

In her private life, she is toned down, but professionally she is like a colorful bird,
ready to experience, explore and experiment.
There is no style in which she would not find herself.
She brings out what is the most valuable from each style filtering it through her sense of taste and aesthetics.
She is never bored of her job, becasue her projects are different and fascinating.